The idea of this name contains two words "Berlin" and "Ballet"

Berlin is a diverse city with traditions absorbed from around the world, is an ideal location that boasts a reputation for innovation in the field of modern art. Over the years, Berlin has welcomed countless artists and performers from all over the world, including numerous ballet dancers. 

Berllet Art Productions – Ballet’s Finest in Berlin and Beyond  

Berllet Art Productions was founded in 2020 as a platform for the international dance community to connect with audiences in Berlin and beyond. With experience from an active international ballet career, director Mikhail Kaniskin promotes a unique variety of artistic and cultural events featuring the highest ballet standard and an impulse for innovation. 

In the form of galas, workshops, training courses, multi-media experiences, tours, and more, Berllet Art Productions seeks to expand the traditional performance format, connecting dancers across the world and providing the city of Berlin as a springboard to promote 

world-renowned artists. Our variety of projects and focus on excellence positions Berllet as Berlin’s premiere dance curator, making performance in Berlin accessible to the entire world through new formats.