Ernst Meisner

Artistic coordinator of Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company

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Ernst Meisner is choreographer and since 2013 the artistic coordinator of Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company. 

He danced with The Royal Ballet and Dutch National Ballet. 

During his dance carrier Meisner started choreographing. Since joining Dutch National Ballet, he has choreographed several works for the company, including “Saltarello” (2012), “And after we were” (2011), “The little big chest” (2011) – a ballet for young children.

In 2013 he created “Study in Six”, to music by Jude Vaclavik, for the New York Choreographic Institute. 

Furthermore, he created dance pieces for dance films made by Crystal Ballet and made the choreography for Bounden, a dance game/App by  GameOven Studios. Meisner created “Axiom of Choice” (2014) for Dutch National Ballet, for the programme “Back to Bach”, and the duet “Merge” (2016) for the Holland Festivalprogramme Transatlantic. 

For the Junior Company of Dutch National Ballet his choreography includes “Embers” (2013), “Lollapalooza” (2013) and “No Time Before Time” (2016). With Marco Gerris he created the much praised ‘hip-hop meets ballet’ production “Narnia”: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2015) a co-production between the Dutch National Ballet Junior Company and ISH and GRIMM (2018). For Made in Amsterdam, danced by Dutch National Ballet, he created In “Transit” (2017) and in 2018 “Impermanence” premiered. 


  • 1999, Eurovision Grand Prix for Young Dancers, representing the Netherlands

  • 1999, Incentive Award, Dansersfonds'79